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What is it?

Childhood obesity is on the rise. We want to do our part to battle the epidemic by inspiring youth to be physically active.  While this event is a competition, it provides an opportunity for students of all levels of ability to enjoy a day of exciting challenges as they are cheered on by the community.
This event also serves as a scholarship fundraiser, which will enable us to support current and future college students.  Our organization has been awarding scholarships in the Chattanooga community for over 30 years.  It is now our desire to increase the awards from single year to four year renewable scholarships.  This event will serve as one of several to help us achieve that goal.

The CAC is an athletic event with the look and feel of a field day.  Competition is open to all students, grades 3 through 8. There will be five team oriented events.  The events will challenge the participants in the areas of speed, agility, strength, accuracy and team coordination. Winning teams for each school level will be given medals at the awards ceremony immediately following the competition.  The CAC will take place in the Shepherd Community Center gymnasium on Saturday, August 31st at 12:00 PM.

The Challenges
“Jump the Line” Challenge
Each participant will  jump from one side of a line on the floor, to the other side, and back again as fast as they can.  Both feet must land for the jump to count. The participants will complete as many repetitions as they can in one minute.  The team score will be the total of the individual counts.

Obstacle Course Challenge
Each participant will take turns proceeding through the obstacle course and tagging the next teammate in relay fashion.  Team time will be determined from the start of the first teammate to the completion of the last.

Sit up Challenge
Each participant will be given one minute do as many sit-ups as they can.  The team score will be the total of the individual counts.

Sled Pull Challenge
Each team will attempt to pull a weighted sled a specified distance. (50 to 75ft)  Teams will be given 30 seconds to complete the pull.  If teams fail to finish the pull within the 30 seconds, the completed distance measurement will be used, otherwise the completion times will be used.

Dodge Ball Challenge
Teams will be assigned to a single elimination tournament bracket by drawing.  Each match will last for 90 seconds.  The team with the most players remaining at the buzzer will be declared winner.  If there is a tie, sudden death commences.

You Can Help!

To make this event a success, we need your help.  We need event sponsors and team sponsors. All contributions are paid to the Epsilon Xi Sigma Foundation and are 100% tax deductible.

Event Sponsors
There are four levels of event sponsorship:

Patron $50: Quarter Page listing in the event program book
Gold $100: Half Page listing in the event program book, Sponsor Name and/or logo displayed on event banners
Platinum $200: Same as Gold, including larger banner display and a full page listing in the program book
Diamond Challenger $1000: Same as Platinum, including association and specific mention with one of the five athletic challenge events, a special presentation during the event, and inclusion in all promotions
Sign up to be an event sponsor HERE

Team Sponsors
This event is designed for teams at the Elementary and Middle School levels:
Elementary (Grades 3-5); Middle (Grades 6-8); 
Teams can be assembled from specific schools, by churches, organizations, or individuals.
Each team consists of 4 students and a coach. Teams are mixed gender, so a team could be all girls, all boys, or a combination of both. The cost to sponsor a team is $50. 
You can find more details and sign up to sponsor a team HERE.